Dr. Gordon has extensive clinical training and research experience in geropsychology, and some of the services he offers to medical providers in the community, older adults, and families include:

  • Consultation on psychological and neuropsychological concerns that may impact treatment

  • Brief cognitive and emotional screenings or more comprehensive assessment of mood, personality, and cognition

  • Assessment of decisional and/or functional capacity such as a patient’s ability to live independently, manage his or her finances, or consent to or decline important medical treatments

  • Family training on dementing illness and nonpharmacological behavior management strategies for difficult behaviors like agitation, “sun-downing,” wandering, hallucinations, and socially inappropriate actions

  • Caregiver support and psychoeducation (e.g., stress management)

  • Assisting with grief and loss

  • Assisting patients and families adapt to new diagnoses, marked functional decline, and chronic medical illness
  • Providing research-supported psychological treatment for conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain