Dr. Gordon provides individual and family psychotherapy for adults and older adults from a cognitive-behavioral perspective. This approach involves helping you and/or your family members to identify patterns of thinking and behavior that are creating or maintaining current difficulties.  After these patterns are identified, he works collaboratively with all involved to develop alternative strategies and learn skills that will promote lasting change. Dr. Gordon’s approach is an active process that requires work both in and outside of each session to promote skill development and both short- and long-term benefits.

Psychotherapy begins by completing an initial evaluation lasting approximately 1 hour and  includes establishing some goals for treatment. This session allows you an opportunity to consider the treatment recommendations and to develop an opinion of whether you feel comfortable working with Dr. Gordon.  He encourages patients to carefully consider their commitment to psychotherapy, all procedures and recommendations, and their level of comfort working with him at the initial session and also throughout treatment.  He is happy to set up a meeting with another professional for a second opinion or if you have concerns about working with him.  Once psychotherapy is initiated, you will see Dr. Gordon every 1-2 weeks until treatment goals are completed.  Treatments are time-limited and typically range from 5-15 sessions, depending on your needs.

Dr. Gordon sees psychotherapy patients for a wide variety of concerns such as depression, anxiety, adjustment to stressors in later life (e.g., health decline, bereavement, retirement or other major life-role changes), and coping with medical illness.  Dr. Gordon also sees families for assistance with aging loved ones who are experiencing major cognitive and/or medical decline such that help is needed in learning how to manage their care or in making important decisions about residential options, etc.  He does not provide marriage therapy but can assist with identifying local colleagues who do see couples for this type of work.